GBAS Spring Institute 2017

Date: April 4, 2017

Location: Emerson Alumni Hall, President’s ballroom, 2nd floor

Time: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Continental Breakfast starts at 8:00 a.m.

Registration closes on March 13th.

To register for the GBAS Spring Institute 2017, select ONE topic for the morning session and ONE topic for the afternoon session from the links below. (Two selections in total.)

You do NOT need to register for the General Sessions, once you have registered for your two breakout sessions, you are all set!

GBAS Spring Institute 2017

“Find the YOU in UF” with your Gator Business Administrator (GBAS) colleagues at the spring mini-conference. We are excited to welcome the folks from the IFAS Research Education Centers. This is the first time they have joined a GBAS Institute as a group and we are happy to have them participate.

This professional development opportunity includes general sessions and break-out sessions. The Institute is designed to support a culture of continuous learning and professional growth for business administrators at UF. Participants will engage in a group discussions, interactive activities and cross-campus networking. There are sessions for all levels of experience.

Shedule and Registration Instructions

General Session: Themes of Inclusion in F Major8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Guest Speaker: Dr. James Oliverio, UF Digital Worlds Institute The UF Digital Worlds Institute's Director James Oliverio joins us to explore methods to orchestrate interactive collaboration around a task. Participants will use new software being developed at Digital Worlds to develop a group rhythm and compose a plan to ensure harmonious engagement. Pick your “key” structure and make music with your peers.

SELECT ONE for the Morning Break-out Sessions

Please click the link below to review and choose your desired morning breakout session. Once decided, click the Register button and choose the desired session from the list, click Next, then Submit.

The Color of MoneyFacilitators: Alan West and Irma Alvarez
Level: Foundational Pre-requisite: online version of UF_PRO302_OLT The Color of Money. This session of the Color of Money provides a “flipped classroom” experience.  Participants must complete the online version prior to the institute.  This will provide an opportunity to focus on how to use the information in your work with discussion, interactive activities, and case studies. There will be time to ask questions specific to your work situation and develop a deep understanding of the materials.
The University of Florida is a complex place with various funding sources. This course introduces UF’s sources of funds along with the accompanying rules which govern how each type of monies may be spent. Participants will learn about “allowable expenditures” for each funding source and have a chance to practice applying the rules to ensure uniform and consistent application of associated directives. This course is designed to ensure UF employees with fiscal responsibilities understand how funding sources can be used when completing financial transactions.
Strategic BudgetingFacilitators: Kimberly Browne, George Kolb & Tricia Bachus
Level: Open to all participants who do budgeting or aspire to a budgeting role Pre-requisite: NONE
Budgeting is always challenging and time consuming. Join your GBAS colleagues and think through the process of budgeting from a departmental perspective. Collectively identify good processes for creating a budget; how to collect and organize needed information. Next you will put together a sample budget and receive feedback from subject matter experts.
Learning from FailureFacilitator: Courtney Moon
Level: All participants Pre-requisite: NONE
Explore how a Growth Mindset can encourage continuous improvement and innovation within your unit. This perspective can free people to think creatively and hold themselves accountable for their results. Experience a life-changing way of tackling work-related problems.
Hidden Bias: The conversation we aren’t having, but should beFacilitators: Melissa Curry & Cynthia Mendoza
Level: All participants Pre-requisite: NONE
How aware are you of your biases? It is human nature to use what we know to assess something or someone new. If we do not move beyond assumptions, we run the risk of unintentionally limiting the contributions that others can make to our work together. In this session, you will identity potential biases, debunk myths around biases, and explore how you can fight biases in the workplace.

Select 1 for the Afternoon Break-out Sessions 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Please click the link below to review and choose your desired afternoon breakout session.  Once decided, click the Register button and choose the desired session from the list, click Next, then Submit.

Basic Accounting at UFFacilitators: Brad Bennett, Fran Fiorello and Courtney Moon
Level: Foundational Pre-requisite: online version of UF_PRO304_OLT. This session of the Basic Accounting provides a “flipped classroom” experience.  Participants must complete the online version prior to participating in the institute.
This course will enable you to develop a basic understanding of the accounting structure, system and concepts used to manage the financial transactions and flow of money at the university. Participants will learn about ChartFields and the “Basic 6 Pack” for Accounting at UF as well as the importance of reviewing and reconciling your unit’s financial activities. Lastly, Reporting Services will walk you through the Monthly Financial Reports and provide tips for using the FitCube.
All About Audits and ReviewsFacilitators: Alan West, Brenda Harrell, Brian Mikell & Tiffany Schmidt
Level: Open to all Pre-requisite: NONE
Join campus experts for a dynamic Panel Discussion on all types of UF audits and quality assurance reviews. How can your unit make the review or audit process as smooth as possible? What support services are offered before and after the process? Participants will have opportunities to discuss audit and review related issues, hear best practices and get advice from campus experts, so bring your questions!
Critical Thinking ConsultancyFacilitator: Alexa Lamm
Level: Open to all Pre-requisite: NONE
Explore job-related challenges presented by your GBAS colleagues and learn how to apply critical thinking steps to develop a systematic process for problem solving. To attend this session, you will write a short, job-related dilemma prior to the session. During the session, you will have a chance to share your dilemma, get advice and practice your own critical thinking skills.
Inclusive LeadershipFacilitator: Bob Parks
Level: Supervisors Pre-requisite: NONE
We know that leaders have a significant impact on creating a culture of inclusiveness within a team or department.  In this session, we will explore the foundational elements of inclusive leadership.  What does it look like?  How does the leader cultivate her or his own inclusiveness and, even more important, create a team environment where the contributions of all members are valued and nurtured?