GBAS Resource Center

The GBAS Resource Center provides information and resources that can assist you with your fiscal, HR, and administrative responsibilities. The topics that make up the GBAS Resource Center reflect the areas that are critical to the fulfillment of the business administrator role at the University of Florida. These resources will help you become familiar with the policies and procedures that help the UF community maintain consistent business practices and stewardship of funds.

Academic Units

Effort reporting | Records retention, equipment and supplies fees | Scholarship management, student financials, grades, Instructor Workload File

Accounting Fundamentals

Cash, collections, receivables and investments| Journal entries, UBIT

Additional Resources

GatorResources, Maps & Tours | Recreational facilities, Business Services Division | Professional development

Asset Management

Surplus property | Inventory management | Offsite certification

Budget Monitoring

Budget process and administration | Managerial budgets | Reconciliation

Budget Preparation

RCM | Budget Prep System

Conference Department

Registration-Expense Worksheet | FMS Reports | Conference Department Forms | Registration Services

Contracts and Grants

Offices of DSR, Contracts and Grants | Directives and Procedures, compliance (A-21, A-133, A-110), CAS | Direct and indirect costs, cost sharing | Instructor workload, FAR


Enterprise Reporting: Basics, PowerPlay, Query Studio | Annual Financial Reports | UF Reporting Entity, IT Alerts Dashboard


Vendor payments, invoice payment process, imaging financial transactions, distributing checks, etc.


Space reporting | STARS system | Construction accounting, UF facilities and planning | Environmental Health and Safety

Human Resources

Time & Labor, Leave | Personnel: Faculty, TEAMS, OPS, GAs, foreign nationals, etc. | Personnel: employee relations | Hiring, benefits, retirement, classification/compensation, training and organizational development

Internal Controls

Internal controls checklist | Segregation of duties | Supervisory review

Payroll and Tax Services

Commitment Accounting (formerly payroll distributions) and Retros (salary cost transfers) | Nonresident Aliens, moving expenses

Privacy and Data Security

Privacy and data security | MyUFL, security roles, department security administrator


Procurement | PCards | Vendor payments and E2Es

Sources of Funds

State appropriation guidelines | ChartFields

UF Foundation

Endowments and assets | UFF document library | Information for fund administrators