GBAS Mentoring Program

Application Period: May 1-24

Online Application

Do you want to learn how people in roles similar to yours accomplish their work? Do you want to connect with peers across the university? Do you like sharing ideas?

If so, join the GBAS Mentoring Cohort and expand your network and skill set with other campus professionals ("Campus Pros"). As part of the cohort, you will participate in a community of practice, build your network and connect with others doing similar work.

“Learning through people is central to the goals of the program.”

The backbone of the GBAS Mentoring Program is a series of events facilitated by the GBAS Training Manager. These include the kick-off meeting with all mentors and mentees, a mid-year check-in and a wrap-up celebration. Also included are two short Lunch and Learns, promising a lively discussion of reading materials selected for their relevance to higher education business administrators.

We recommend ONE activity per month* for one year (July – June). There are a variety of options to choose from, including:

  • One-on-One meeting between mentor and mentee
  • Meetings with a wide variety of campus professionals
  • Job shadowing another business administrator
  • Feedback session on a work-related project from your mentor or Campus Pro
  • Joint attendance of events or meetings

The GBAS Training Manager and GBAS Director will provide resources, guidelines and contacts in order to facilitate these activities.

*NOTE: Many mentoring pairs choose to meet more than once per month. Each mentor pair agrees on their schedule during the kick-off meeting.

Program Objectives

  • Explore and discuss your daily work challenges with a mentor from outside of your area
  • Meet Campus Pros for information-sharing opportunities and possible job shadowing
  • Learn about the challenges and solutions facing other units on campus while sharing your own
  • Develop a campus-wide and in-depth knowledge base about financial, human resources, sponsored programs and administrative operations at UF
  • Access resources tailored to the specific challenges of your work environment
  • Read and discuss high-level professional materials selected for their relevance to higher education business administration
  • Network with a cohort of peers and mentors

How do I decide if this program is a good fit for me?

Good mentees have the ability to:

  • Commit their time and effort to the program
  • Take constructive feedback
  • Be open to self-reflection
  • Assess themselves
  • Be willing to grow beyond their comfort zone

What are the application requirements?

The successful applicant should:

  • Be an exempt employee
  • Be employed for a minimum of one year in business administration role at UF
  • Complete either the Fiscal or HR/Payroll PRO3 Certification
  • Obtain the support of your supervisor

How do I apply?

  • Complete the online application from May 1 to May 24
  • Attach your resume to the application
  • Obtain a letter of support from your supervisor and attach it to your application

When are the application materials due?

The last day to submit is May 24, 2017. All applications and corresponding documentation will be submitted through the online application, including the letter of support from your immediate supervisor. Mentee selections will be made in June.


Email the GBAS Training Manager, Gwynn Cadwallader.

Who should be a “Campus Pro” or Mentor?

A successful Campus Pro or mentor should:

  • Have experience in business administration at UF
  • Model excellent communication, leadership skills, and be respected by your peers
  • Be knowledgeable about the culture and expectations at the University of Florida
  • Be a connector, know people with whom to network
  • Be a positive problem solver
  • Have the time, willingness, and energy to invest in the process
  • Be accessible to the mentee

Interested in being a Campus Pro or Mentor?

All mentors and Campus Pros should have at least three years at UF. To be considered, please email
Please be sure to:

  • List your areas of high accomplishment or expertise
  • Name three things that you feel passionate about and that could be of value to a mentee
  • Name something that you do exceptionally well