Changes to Cash Summary monthly financial report

In an effort to help financial managers in their planning, two new columns have been added to the Cash Summary Monthly Financial Report ‘Encumbrances’ and ‘Available Balance w/ Encumbrances’.

Because PeopleSoft only tracks encumbered amounts for cash-based accounts, it does not subtract the amount from the available balance. This is important information to include on a report for planning purposes.  Including the PS Encumbrances and the projected payroll gives a clear picture of a unit’s overall available balance.

The encumbrance amounts will include PeopleSoft encumbrances and projected payroll amounts.

Delivered PDF and Excel Cash Summary reports are available under - myUFL > Enterprise Reporting:

  • Fund Report (Flex reports are included in this link)
  • Department Reports
  • Residual/Overhead Reports
  • Construction Reports

 For information or assistance please contact the IT ES Finance Support folks at .IT Finance Support.