Employee Education Program (EEP) Taxability

The Employee Education Program is a University funded opportunity offering tuition assistance to full-time UF Academic Personnel, TEAMS and USPS employees. Academic personnel and staff who have been employed in good standing for at least six months may receive tuition assistance for up to six credit hours of instruction per semester at the state university closest to their work location. TEAMS employees may also attend classes at a public community or state college closest to their work location.

Per IRS regulations, only the first $5,250 of the EEP tuition waiver benefit is non-taxable to the participant. Any tuition waiver benefit amount in excess of $5,250 is subject to payroll taxes and must be included on the participant’s Form W-2 for the year. 

An email notification will be sent prior to October 30, 2015 to participants who have a tuition benefit in excess of the $5,250 non-taxable benefit.  This email notice will include the tuition benefit amounts by semester for spring, summer, and fall 2015, as well as the final Taxable Amount.

University Payroll & Tax Services will record the Taxable Amount as miscellaneous taxable income (MTI) for the third paycheck in October-- pay period ending October 22, 2015 with a paycheck date of October 30, 2015.) 

Payroll-related taxes for the Taxable Amount will be deducted from the October 30, 2015 paycheck, reducing the participant’s net pay. 

For more information about the UF Employee Education Program, please visit http://hr.ufl.edu/learn-grow/education-programs/employee-education-program/