Make sure your vendors input their invoices electronically

The University of Florida’s updated Accounts Payable software, myPayments Solutions, has been in place since March 1, 2014.

In order to ensure that vendors are paid in a timely way, it is imperative that they submit their invoices electronically through the proper channels.

 UF departments should return invoices to vendors that do not follow the proper guidelines below, and make sure they know that failure to use the electronic system could mean payment delays. There are three options for vendors.

Best for high-volume vendors:  eInvoicing (Paperless electronic submission)     

For assistance, please contact Marianne Preisler at (352) 294-1164 or


eMail: Vendors may submit one invoice per file (.pdf or .tif format) by emailing  Files should not be larger than 8MB.


For vendors with non-digital invoices:  Mail UF - Accounts Payable

                                                                                                PO Box 115350

                                                                                                971 Elmore Drive

                                                                                                Gainesville, FL 32611-5350


All invoices must contain a University of Florida Purchase Order number or the 8-Digit Department ID of the department purchasing the good or service in the following format:


Department ID:                XXXXXXXX

Purchase Order:         XXXXXXXXXX


Vendors may check the status of an invoice in the system by emailing with the vendor name, remit name and tax number along with a request to access to UF’s vendor portal.

 For more information on how to assist vendors with electronic filing, toolkits and instruction guides, check the myUF Payment Solutions website.