Who are those people in the Office of the CFO?

You may think of the Office of the CFO only in terms of the core office in Tigert Hall, but the office is actually a wide-ranging division comprising some 230 employees. From Pcard transactions to payroll, to budgeting to financial planning and reporting, CFO division employees touch many of the financial transactions of the university. These range from direct contact with students through the Bursar’s office, to behind-the-scenes transactions touching every department, college and unit at UF.

Some of the divisions you may know—Finance and Accounting, Purchasing and the Budget Office. Others you may not know—the Business Process Improvement office, GBAS and Reporting Services.

Our efforts in working with campus to meet its financial needs are set out in our Mission and Vision Statements:

 Our MISSION is to provide leadership in financial planning, decision making and process improvement.

Our VISION is to establish a standard of partnership, innovation, value-added resource maximization, and financial expertise such that:

  • We are consulted early and work in an integrated, high-trust way with  colleges and departments to continuously improve processes and make great financial decisions
  • We are providing easy-to-use innovative tools and resources for campus’ financial     transactions and decision-making

 Some of the ways we are working to achieve our Mission are reflected in recent initiatives, including:

  • The Business Process Improvement Office works with colleges and departments to review current business processes, identify ways to make these processes more efficient and then to collaboratively put those changes into effect
  • The Reporting Services group works with departments to determine their financial reporting needs and then build the required reporting tools. This collaboration between the CFO office and Enterprise Systems means that financial reporting experts can quickly build custom tools for different circumstances.
  • The Business Process Review Advisory Committee, comprised of subject matter experts from across campus, identify ways to make the way we do business less time-consuming and more efficient.
  • Budget Review Task Force is a five-year budget review, under the direction of academic deans and vice presidents, and is currently exploring ways to simplify our budget model, incentivize specific activities, provide predictability and ensure that we meet the strategic goals of the university.

For information or assistance with reporting needs, contact Karen Brake, navitsky@ufl.edu.

For information or assistance regarding Business Process Improvement initiatives contact Elizabeth Amdur, elizabeth.amdur@ufl.edu.