Recycle your print device toner through the new UF Toner Recycling Program

The UF PrintSmart group and Mail and Document Services are teaming up to recycle print toner cartridges from across campus.

Starting December 14, cartridges from both PrintSmart and non-Xerox printers and copiers, regardless of brand, will be collected by Mail and Document Services and taken to Central Stores to be returned to the manufacturer for recycling. By centralizing collection, we will be able to track the weight of recycled toner cartridges and quantify the impact we’re having as a university. Our recycling program will also reduce our carbon footprint and enhance traffic safety, through a reduction of trips by UPS trucks.  

To recycle your toner:


  • Place the used toner cartridge in the bag in which your replacement cartridge arrived
  • Place bag with used toner cartridge in the same box used to send you your new toner cartridge
  • Seal both ends of the box with tape
  • Place the sealed box in your outgoing campus mail. Do not place the replacement cartridge in your mail tub/container. Place the properly packaged cartridge next to your tub/container to prevent damaging the mail


Mail and Document Services will then pick up all properly packaged toner cartridges. Improperly packaged toner cartridges will NOT be picked up.

If you have ten or more USED toner cartridges that need to be recycled, please contact the Recycling Department at 392-7396 to coordinate a special pickup.

If you have any questions please check out the PrintSmart web portal or contact the PrintSmart team at