Vehicle tags, titles and tolls

Did you know that State of Florida license plate tags are registered to individual UF vehicles and it is illegal to move them between vehicles? Infractions could mean a ticket, or that the vehicle could be impounded.

All license plates that are no longer needed must be returned to Asset Management to be returned to the DMV.  Contact Gwen Martin, Asset Management, at 352-294-1130 or for additional information.

A reminder that according to policy ALL University of Florida vehicle and vessel titles are to be kept by Asset Management. If your department is in possesion of title to a vehicle or vessel please contact Becky Sundeen, Asset Management, at 352-294-1145 or immediately.

 In an effort to reduce the approximately 500 toll violations accumulated by UF vehicles every year, the university will begin assessing a $20 fee for all toll violations, beginning Dec. 1. You can prevent your department from being assessed this fee by using a SunPass which can be linked to a department Pcard. A single car SunPass costs $4.99 and multi car SunPass cost $19.99 and can be purchased at pharmacies, Publix or thorugh the SunPass web site (  Contact Ryan Parris, Asset Management, at (352) 294-1112 or for additional information regarding the UF assessed fee.