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Do you know of a financial or administrative business process that could be improved? Please let us know.

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The Continuous Improvement Office (formerly known as the Business Process Improvement Office) supports units with their efforts to identify processes that bog people down. These could be core office processes, college processes, or individual department processes. The goal is to streamline or eliminate processes that do not add value. The Continuous Improvement Office uses Lean principles to identify bottlenecks and root causes, and the office helps design processes that free up faculty and staff time.

How We Help

  • Work in collaboration with key stakeholders to identify ways to revise processes in order to better meet faculty and staff needs
  • Help implement new processes
  • Partner with units to review their business processes
  • Share best practices from other campus units
  • Help build a Lean culture at the University of Florida

The Continuous Improvement Office promotes a Lean culture at the University of Florida.

What is Lean?

Lean is a methodology that focuses on improving service and delivery to campus customers. A Lean culture engages staff on the front lines to help identify and solve problems, eliminate waste, and streamline processes.

How We Help

  • PeopleSoft/myUFL expertise – skills temporary employment agencies cannot provide
  • Compliance expertise – knowledge of university, state and federal regulations
  • Protect existing employees – from work overload and burnout
  • Maintain support to faculty – no administrative support interruptions

Examples of our Successes

Emergency Payroll Checks

Making UF more Lean: UF staff learn Lean using real UF examples

In collaboration with UFHR, UFIT, the COO and the Office of the CFO, six UF staff are being trained in Lean methodology by Drew Locher, of Change Management Associates, from January through July 2019. The goal is for these staff to learn key Lean principles and be available for projects within their units, across campus and to train future trainers. As part of the training, UF selected real business processes in an effort to save faculty and staff time.

The first project was a value stream analysis of generating an emergency payroll check. Staff from Payroll Services, campus units and the Lean facilitators met for three days, which resulted in Payroll Services being able to reduce the emergency check issue process by an entire day. Additional improvements to the process are being evaluated. The second Lean project focused on the auxiliary billing process and the third on improving the process to hire foreign nationals. Stay tuned for more information on improvements and future projects.


In spring 2018, UF made UFDocuSign — an electronic signature service that lets users securely sign and initial electronic documents instead of paper copies — available to all UF faculty and staff for free. Read more about the project here.

User feedback from a recent UFDocuSign survey

I love this tool. Easy to use and makes getting signatures must faster! Thank you!

This is a fantastic tool that makes it so much easier than passing hard copies around for important signatures. It is so convenient.

We just began using DocuSign this month and it has reduced our need to print documents and has improved approval times.

Very helpful for getting documents signed by multiple people. The interface is a little tricky to learn, but is a great tool once you get over the learning curve.

Love it! It has reduced processing time and paper use in our department. Faculty also appreciate the convenience of it, especially when they are traveling for conferences, etc.

It’s a great tool and can be used for streamlining a lot of business processes at UF.

I find this to be one of the best tools UF has provided. . . . [it] is fast and efficient in processing items through UF’s system.

Extremely glad it exists. I commute to campus, therefore not always available in person.

DocuSign has been a life saver! I use it for hiring contracts and it has made retrieval of out-of-state signatures much faster.

We welcome your input on continuous improvement.

Have an idea or suggestion? Share it via the Continuous Improvement Suggestion Form or contact us here:

Lisa S. Deal

Assistant Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer
(352) 294-1151

Amy Haberman

Assistant Director, Continuous Improvement