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Do you know of a financial or administrative business process that could be improved? Please let us know.

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The Business Process Improvement Office (BPIO) supports units with their efforts to identify processes that bog people down. These could be core office processes, college processes, or individual department processes. The goal is to streamline or eliminate processes that do not add value. The Business Process Improvement Office uses Lean principles to identify bottlenecks and root causes, and the BPIO helps design processes that free up faculty and staff time.

How We Help

  • Partner with units to review their business processes
  • Revise processes in order to better meet faculty and staff needs
  • Help implement new processes
  • Share best practices from other campus units
  • Help build a Lean culture at the University of Florida

The Business Process Improvement Office promotes a Lean culture at the University of Florida.

What is Lean?

Lean is a methodology that focuses on improving service and delivery to campus customers. A Lean culture engages staff on the front lines to help identify and solve problems, eliminate waste, and streamline processes.

The Business Process Improvement Office also offers Bridge Staffing.

Bridge Staffing

The Bridge Staffing team provides transactional processing for fiscal and human resources activities in the event of work interruptions due to staff turnover, FMLA and other unforeseen circumstances. For centers, institutes, support units and some units not directly served by a large college, the Bridge Staffing team can process transactions to ensure business continuity. For more complex needs, the team also provides high level financial management and reporting, as well as Hyperion budget preparation.

How We Help

  • PeopleSoft/myUFL expertise – skills temporary employment agencies cannot provide
  • Compliance expertise – knowledge of university, state and federal regulations
  • Protect existing employees – from work overload and burnout
  • Maintain support to faculty – no administrative support interruptions

We welcome your input on business process improvement.

Have an idea or suggestion? Share it via the CFO Feedback Form or contact us here:

Lisa S. Deal

Assistant Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer
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