Continuous Improvement Office

What is Continuous Improvement?

Continuous improvement is a mindset that enables organizations to streamline processes, improve the quality of work, conserve resources and boost morale. It empowers employees to actively participate in efforts to solve problems and to continually improve the processes they work with. The Continuous Improvement model is the foundation of formal techniques such as Lean, Six Sigma, Agile and others.

What We Do

The Continuous Improvement Office (formerly known as the Business Process Improvement Office) supports units with their efforts to identify processes that bog people down. These could be core office processes, college processes or individual department processes. The goal is to streamline or eliminate processes, improve quality of work, increase customer satisfaction and align our daily activities to help UF meet its mission.

The office uses continuous improvement strategies and tools to identify bottlenecks and root causes, and helps design processes that free up faculty and staff time. A continuous improvement culture engages staff on the frontlines to help identify and solve problems, improve efficiency, add value and streamline processes.

Learn what to expect when working with the Office of Continuous Improvement.

The Continuous Improvement Office advises UF’s Collaboration for Continuous Improvement (CCI), a cohort of individuals from across campus who help champion positive change to our business processes.

How We Help

  • Work in collaboration with key stakeholders to identify ways to revise processes in order to better meet faculty and staff needs
  • Partner with units to review their business processes
  • Help design and implement new processes
  • Share best practices from other campus units
  • Foster a continuous improvement culture at the University of Florida

News from the Office

Ready to get started?

To initiate a project within your unit, please review the Internal Process Review and Improvement Standard to better understand resources needed and deliverables to expect. Then, contact the Office of Continuous Improvement by emailing