Budget Process and System Evaluation

In an effort to improve the university’s budgeting processes, the Office of the CFO recently completed a thorough review of UF’s business processes and technology used for university budgeting and analysis. As a result of this process, the decision was made to adopt the Workday Adaptive Planning software to replace Hyperion as the university’s budgeting tool. Throughout the 2021-22 academic year, we will work with an implementation partner and our UF financial partners to design, build, test and train the UF community on the new tool. Our goal is to launch the FY23 “Funds Budget” in the spring of 2022.

Benefits of the new system will include:

  • A modernized, more powerful and responsive tool with simplified navigation
  • Ability to review and analyze budget-to-actual information at the college and unit level
  • Ability to manage budgets by position
  • Multi-year planning and commitments
  • Real-time information that eliminates the lengthy “push” process users currently experience
  • Improved analytics and timely reporting to assist in strategic management of budgets
  • Technology that helps reduce errors and risk

Answers to some early frequently asked questions may be found on this website. As the project continues to evolve, we will share more information — including timeline and opportunities to participate in this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Project Input

We are grateful to the following individuals who offered their time and expertise to participate in surveys, focus group sessions, business process mapping and analysis, and vendor demos. The feedback received was essential to identify the tool that would best meet the needs of our diverse university community.

George Kolb Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Julie Wang Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Stephan Solomon UFIT (HR)
Jenny Rodriguez UFIT (HR)
Barb Sedesse UFIT (Business Center)
Jim Harrison UFIT (BRM)
Michael Wright College of Medicine
Kim Rovansek College of Public Health & Health Professions
Barbara Bennett Auxillary – The Office of Personnel and Financial Services
Brent Goodman UFHR
Melissa Curry UFHR
Kathleen Robbins UFIT (ISO)
Nicole Jeffers UFIT (ES)
Jaewon Lee UFIT (ES)
Ginger Gibson Engineering
Tracey Phillips HHP
Julie Rhee Research
Palvi Sharma IFAS Budget
Tina Butts Animal Care
Rafael Cruzado Housing
Patrice Lecomte F&A
Emily Moran F&A
James Webb Dentistry
Elizabeth Amdur Student Affairs
John Evangelista Pharmacy
Anne-Marie Hollingshead Library
Katherine Lindsey Student Health Care
Susan Lukowe International Center
Kelly Sharp Pharmacy
Jiachun Zhan FLMNH
Anika Nathan COTA
Cindy Futral Law
Uma Sethuram CLAS
Jodi Ward Harrison Journalism
Tammy Williams COM
Laura Braden Business
Kutonya Sowell DCP
Sandra Bass Education
Todd Fraser Nursing
Will Strnad Business Affairs
Erin Schmidt VetMed
Lisa Deal Procurement
Marilena Ceobanu Facilities
Rachel Li Facilities
Jamie Dale Education
Rachel Victoria FInance & Accounting
Amber Allen Budget Office