GBAS Program Components for Professional Learning

The GBAS professional learning program consists of multiple components designed to support business administrators (BAs) with varying skill levels. These components cultivate:

  • Increased knowledge and application of recommended business practices
  • In-depth application of fiscal, HR and other administrative policies to support the institution
  • Professional support processes for college- and department-level BAs
  • Opportunities to enhance professionalism and interpersonal skills
  • Collaborative problem-solving to improve and increase the consistency of business management practices and stewardship of UF funds

The GBAS components include an online orientation for new BAs, competency-based foundation courses (Pro3 Series), GBAS institutes and workshops, a mentoring program and certification. To register for the online orientation for new BAs, Pro3 Series, or GBAS institutes or workshops, visit myTraining. You can find more details about each of these components in the subpages below (or at left).

Introduction & Foundation Courses
Institutes & Workshops
GBAS Certification

For more GBAS information, contact Gwynn Cadwallader at