UF GO Onboarding (Pre-Pilot & Pilot)

The University of Florida is introducing UF GO, a new Travel and PCard system that will enable faculty and staff to upload, review, and report travel and PCard expenses on-the-go.

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Participating Units

The UF GO project team thanks the units that have agreed to participate in UF GO’s pre-pilot and pilot. Click the link for a complete list of participating units.

Participating Units

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UF GO Training

Introduction to UF GO (PGO100)

Target Audience: Users such as travelers, PCardholders, supervisors, and delegates

Required online course to access Request, Travel, and Expense modules in UF GO. Once the course is completed and attendance is reflected in myUFL, access to the system will be auto-granted to the user. Access may take 24 – 48 hours.

Click the link below to access the course directly.

Course Link

What Approvers Need to Know (UGO200)

Target Audience: Financial approvers and/or delegate approvers

Required webinar course to access the Approval module in UF GO. Once the course is completed and attendance is reflected in myUFL, a DSA must request the UF_N_TPS_APPROVER security role for appropriate access to the system.

Course Link

PCards at UF: What Every PCard Holder Needs to Know (UGO500)

Target Audience: NEW PCardholders only

This course overviews why and how one may obtain a PCard as well as highlights key guidance and resources to use a PCard appropriately within UF GO—the University’s integrated travel and PCard system. There is no security role associated with this course and it is not required to access UF GO.

Click the link below to access the course directly.

Course Link

Resources for UF GO Users

Users (Faculty and Staff)
These resources are for faculty and staff that travel, use their PCard, and/or are seeking a general reimbursement for UF business purposes.

  • Getting Started with UF GO (In-depth Demo Session) – Video | PDF
  • UF GO Look and Feel – Video | PDF
  • Setting up Your UF GO Profile (First-Time Login/Verify Email) – Video | PDF
  • Activate E-Receipts – Video | PDF
  • Download the Concur Mobile App – PDF
  • Learning to Use Expense It (Upload Receipts) – Tutorial | iOS | Android
  • Booking a Trip in UF GO – Video 
  • Manage Delegates – PDF

Please visit the UF GO Toolkit for additional resources. Click on UF GO Roles for more information.

Approvers (Supervisors, Financial Approvers and Delegate Approvers)
These resources are for faculty and staff who are direct supervisors of a traveler and/or who hold the responsibility of a Financial Approver or has been delegated the responsibility to approve travel, PCard and/or general reimbursements transactions in UF GO.

  • Approvals in UF GO – Video
  • Supervisor Approver for Travel Requests – PDF
  • Financial Approver for a Travel Report – PDF
  • Act as a Delegate Approver – Video | PDF      
  • Add Ad-Hoc Approver – PDF

Please visit the UF GO Toolkit for additional resources. Click on UF GO Roles for more information.

Delegates (Support Staff, Shared Services Center, Fiscal Assistants, etc.)
These resources are for administrative support staff, shared services center, fiscal assistants, etc. who assist standard users in the preparation of travel requests, expense reports (travel, PCard, and general reimbursements), and with travel arrangements.


  • Look & Feel, Profile Setup, Acting as a Delegate, Travel Request, Creating a Travel Report – Video  |  PDF
  • Booking Travel, Submitting a Travel Expense Report, Creating a PCard Expense Report – Video | PDF
  • Creating a General Reimbursement Expense Report, Guest Process – Video | PDF

How-To Videos

UF GO Look & Feel              PCard Expense Report                                    Dom. Travel Expense Report

UF GO Profile                        Intl. Travel Request                                          Guest Travel Request

Acting as a Delegate           Intl. Travel Expense Report                            Guest Travel Expense Report

Booking a Trip                      Dom. Travel Request with Cash Adv.            UF GO Approvals


Please visit the UF GO Toolkit for additional resources. Click on UF GO Roles for more information.

UF GO Toolkit

This training toolkit includes PDF guides created to reflect UF specific system configuration. Select a module to discover what materials are available for each module.

UF GO Office Hours

*NEW* Office hours begin March 1, 2023 and are being held on Microsoft Teams.

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Directives Highlights

University of Florida is implementing UF GO, powered by SAP Concur, as an integrated, web-based Travel and PCard solution that centralizes travel requests, booking and expense reports. UF GO’s benefits to the University community include:

  • On-the-go capabilities through a mobile application,
  • Consolidation of travel functions,
  • Pre-populated expense reports (reducing administrative burden),
  • Electronic receipt storage, and
  • Embedded compliance for travel, PCard reconciliation, and expense reimbursement


These directives apply to an official University Traveler which includes all employees (faculty, staff, employed students) and non-employees (non-employed students, independent contractors, and guests) conducting official business travel on behalf of the University of Florida.
University Travelers who are traveling within the context of their job responsibilities and/or representing the University are considered to be on official UF business travel.
The official business purpose of a University Traveler may include activities that contribute to any one of the University’s major functions of teaching, research, or public service, or to any other substantial and bona fide University business activity.


University Travelers, supervisors, and Financial Approvers who do not comply with these directives may be subject to:

  • Reimbursement delays for improper documentation
  • Non-reimbursement for policy and/or directive violations
  • Disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment
Travel Responsibilities
All travel on official University of Florida business requires trip pre-approval. Travelers are responsible for obtaining pre-approval prior to making travel arrangements and/or departure. Travel Expense Reports should be submitted no more than 60 days after trip completion to avoid taxable consequences.

University Travelers

University Travelers are responsible for:

  • Gathering documentation that supports the business purpose of the trip (agenda, etc.)
  • Providing itemized receipts for incurred expenses upon trip completion

The University Traveler may allow a delegate to prepare the Travel Request and Travel Expense Report; however, the traveler must certify electronically in UF GO that the Travel Request and the Travel Expense Report is complete and accurate prior to submission for reimbursement.

UF GO, powered by SAP Concur, offers mobile capabilities to support University Travelers and fully integrates in the expense management process. Travelers can take photos of their receipts during their trip via the mobile app and automatically begin their expense report process.

Travelers can create various levels of delegates within UF GO, who can:

  • Securely reserve flight, hotel, or rental car using the Traveler’s University PCard or virtual Air Card
  • Prepare the logistics of the itinerary
  • Help prepare the Travel Request and Travel Expense Report
  • Ensure all pre-trip details are complete, including but not limited to:
    1. Confirms traveler registration with UF International Center for international trip insurance
    2. Works with Asset Management if equipment is taken on an international trip
    3. Requests Cash Advance, if necessary

University Travelers are responsible for submission of their complete and accurate reimbursement Expense Reports in a timely manner. Failure to do so may prevent travelers from being reimbursed. Travel expense reports submitted more than 60 days after trip completion will result in part, or all, of the reimbursement being treated as taxable wages and reported as additional wages on the traveler’s W2 form.


The Supervisor’s role in UF GO is to review and approve Travel Requests and Cash Advances, if any. Travel Requests in UF GO are routed for approval to the traveler’s supervisor (as listed in the University’s HR data), and, based on funding source(s) for the travel, routed to the unit’s Financial Approver.

The supervisor’s role is to ensure that business purpose of the trip is clear, explains how the University benefits from this travel expense, and confirms to University’s mission.

Supervisors may choose to delegate their responsibilities (allow another University employee to act on their behalf) using the supervisor’s profile in UF GO on a permanent or temporary basis. Any delegation will be recorded in the audit trail of the transaction. It is critical to understand that granting permission to a delegate does not absolve the supervisor of their responsibility if the delegate does not correctly perform their duties.

Financial Approvers

A Financial Approver will review and approve Travel Requests, Cash Advances and Expense Reports in UF GO. A Financial Approver is responsible for reviewing and approving:

  • Charges to their budgetary allocations (i.e., Chartfield information and available funding)
  • Compliance with directives
  • Completeness of the report

Financial Approvers can make corrections to a Travel Request or Expense Report or return it to the traveler for additional changes.

A Financial Approver may choose to delegate their responsibilities for the Travel Request and Expense Report review and approval to another employee. Approval authority may be delegated; however, the assigned departmental Financial Approver remains fully responsible for transactions executed under the delegated authority. Please be mindful when selecting an individual who you wish to grant your authority, as this delegate should have appropriate knowledge and authority to act on your behalf.

To ensure appropriate segregation of duties, Financial Approvers are not able to approve their own Travel Requests or Expense Reports. In UF GO, a secondary approver is assigned to ensure that Financial Approvers have an appropriate reviewer for their own travel.

Travel Request
Completing a Travel Request (pre-trip approval) is the first step when a University Traveler will be requesting reimbursement for travel on university business. The Travel Request is integrated within UF GO, and routes for appropriate approval to the traveler’s supervisor and, based on funding source, to the Financial Approver (departmental business officer). Note that a travel request is an estimate of anticipated travel expenses (including per diem and incidentals), and actual expenses should be included in the Travel Expense Report upon trip completion.

If a Travel Request (pre-trip approval) is not obtained prior to travel, and the trip does not constitute an emergency, the University may deny reimbursement due to non-compliance with institutional policy and/or directives. The traveler may be responsible for any unauthorized expenses.

Remember: A Travel Request (pre-trip approval) for official UF business travel is required prior to departure if the travel falls into the following categories:

  • In-State Travel within the state of Florida when travel includes any of the following:
    1. An overnight stay
    2. Conference registration
    3. Time of travel longer than 30 days
  • Out-of-State Travel outside the state of Florida, that is within the 48 contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia.
  • International Travel to any destination not considered in-state travel or out-of-state travel.

International Travel

All international travel by University Travelers (faculty, staff, employed students, non-employed students, independent contractors, and guests) which includes airfare, lodging, and/or per diem is reviewed and pre-approved by the Research Integrity, Security & Compliance (RISC) office, or their designee, as required by Florida law, through UF GO.

Once the Travel Request (pre-trip approval) is received, all international travel must be registered using the UF International Center (UFIC) online registration to ensure appropriate insurance coverage is provided while on official UF business.

No Cost Travel (Comp Travel)
No-cost (comp) travel is domestic or international travel conducted in an official University capacity by the University Traveler that is reimbursed by a third party and has no cost to the University. No-cost travel should be properly authorized, documented, and processed through UF GO. Regardless of the entity paying for the trip, a University Traveler must obtain all required approvals prior to travel. Approval prior to travel ensures the traveler’s supervisor and/or department leader is aware of the activity, and, for international travel, that appropriate insurance coverage is provided.

If a third party is paying for travel, those expenses are not eligible for personal reimbursement through the University of Florida.

For travel expenses administered by UF but that will be reimbursed in full by a third party, business class travel may be allowable if approved and documented by the sponsoring institution/entity and within the Expense Report.

Personal Travel
If personal travel is included in a business trip, the primary purpose of the trip must be for official UF business. When personal and business travel is combined, personal time must be disclosed and approved when the trip is authorized in UF GO.

Expenses reimbursed by the University may not exceed the lowest available cost of a direct or uninterrupted route. If the traveler uses an indirect route or interrupts travel by direct route for personal convenience, any additional expenses incurred will be the sole responsibility of the traveler. The traveler or delegate will need a comparison quote from the UF GO booking tool or World Travel Services, the University approved travel management company (“authorized travel agent”) to document the cost of the fare for the business-only portion of the travel. See “Airfare Comparison” section for additional information.

If you will be traveling with a companion for the personal part of the trip, you can purchase both airfare tickets through the University’s authorized travel agent to obtain adjoining seats. As a University Traveler your ticket may be purchased using University funds and your companion’s ticket using personal funds (i.e., your personal credit card).

Booking Tool
All official UF business travel should be booked by University Travelers and their delegates through the UF GO booking tool or over the phone with World Travel Services, the University approved travel management company (“authorized travel agent”). The UF GO online booking tool or authorized travel agent offer the ability to pay for airfare through the University’s Air Card (see “Air Card” section), which is highly encouraged instead of payment via personal credit card.

Remember, airfare purchased on a personal credit card is only reimbursable after trip completion.

Using the UF GO booking tool or the authorized travel agent:

  • Allows for streamlined payment and reimbursement processes
  • Ensures travelers are meeting the University policy and/or directive requirements
  • Enables travelers to take advantage of University-negotiated discounts
  • Creates significant administrative efficiencies, time and cost savings, and ease of booking
  • Provides departmental and centralized oversight of unused airfare tickets

The University Traveler and/or their delegate should utilize the University offered tools (UF GO booking tool and the authorized travel agent) to make travel arrangements for official UF business travel. At times, it may be impractical to use the booking tools offered by the University due to system limitations, including when:

  • Air travel to an international location where a supplier does not accept a University PCard or other UF forms of payment (such as a small airplane supplier)
  • A University Traveler uses personal miles/points to upgrade the airfare from coach/lowest cost to their preferred airfare class
  • A hotel offers a discount code to be used with a conference block where a hotel website must be used to enter the code directly

Purchasing Card (UF PCard)

The University’s preferred method for purchasing travel reservations/accommodations and paying for travel expenses is the UF PCard (purchasing card). This allows the University to be billed directly for travel expenses. Whenever possible, University Travelers (or their delegates) should use a PCard for such purchases.

Delegates and/or departmental fiscal staff should ensure that frequent travelers have a University PCard. See the PCard website for additional guidance on how to obtain a PCard.

Air Travel Card

The University of Florida’s Air Card is a virtual credit card that is an available form of payment for airfare and airfare agent fees only. The Air Card is available for all air travel when using the UF GO booking tool or the University’s authorized travel agent. The benefits of the Air Card include:

  • No physical card is issued
  • Automatically available in a University Traveler profile upon obtaining access to UF GO
  • Can be used by the University Traveler and/or their delegate without sharing sensitive credit card information
  • Reduces traveler out-of-pocket expenses
  • No single purchase limit per airfare ticket

The Air Card payment option may be used by the University Traveler or their delegate to process an airfare booking for the following:

  • All University Travelers on official UF business travel on behalf of the University
  • Guest travelers on official UF business
Air Travel
University Travelers (or their delegates) conducting official UF business requiring airfare are encouraged to plan their travel as far in advance as possible, as the availability of lower airfares is generally greater. All University travel shall be completed using the most economical means available and generally be conducted via the most direct route.

University Travelers (or their delegates) are required to book travel using the University’s pre-negotiated rates through the preferred travel booking tool, UF GO, powered by SAP Concur or through Word Travel Services, the University authorized travel agent. See “Booking Tool” section for additional information.

Travel using a sponsored project funding source is subject to specific limitations and restrictions set by the sponsor(s) and, if applicable, Federal regulations. Travel restrictions may vary between Federal and non-Federal sponsors and sponsor-specific restrictions not specifically covered by these directives may apply. Any questions about travel limitations or restrictions for sponsored project funding should be addressed with your research administrator prior to travel.

Domestic & International Flights

It is the expectation that University Travelers and their delegates select the least expensive airfare within the main cabin class (economy, coach) that is consistent with business requirements while on official UF business travel for domestic or international trips.

International Flights

Options for international airfare upgrades are being reviewed and this portion of the directives will be updated as allowability for any upgrades on international flights is determined. Existing directives for international flights remain until such determination is made.

Fly America Act

When booking airfare being paid by Federal sponsored awards, travelers must comply with the Fly America Act, which requires the use of U.S. flag air carriers when airfare is paid or reimbursed by federal grants and contracts. Compliance with the Fly America Act is the responsibility of each department. Details about the rules and regulations of the Fly America Act can be found on the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) website.

When one or more of the above circumstances apply, an explanation indicating the appropriate exception should be provided on the Travel Expense form.

Upgrades of Air Service

Upgrades using University Form of payment

Business or first-class equivalency are not allowed to be charged to University funds unless an ADA accommodation is documented through the Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity prior to booking travel.

Upgrades using Personal credit card

Travelers may choose to upgrade the level of air service (ex. Comfort +, First, or Business Class) at personal expense. In this case, University Travelers (or their delegates) must contact World Travel Services, the authorized travel agent and pay for the upgraded ticket through personal credit card.

Use of University PCard or Air Card for unauthorized upgraded airline tickets constitutes a violation of this directive. University Travelers (or their delegates) should document flight details and pricing for both the upgraded air service and the comparable same flight Main Cabin (economy/ coach) pricing through the UF GO online booking tool. Documentation must be attached to the Expense Report and clearly provide the excess cost that traveler would pay personally and the University portion that is eligible for reimbursement.

Upgrades using Personal Frequent Flyer Programs

The University allows travelers to accrue their own frequent flyer mileage for trips taken on official UF business. The University does not, however, reimburse travelers for tickets or upgrades purchased with frequent flyer miles or other reward points. Rewards programs incentives must not influence individual business travel decisions.

Travelers may upgrade the level of air service by using their frequent flyer miles or other reward points. In opting to do so, University Travelers (or their delegates) must:

  • Document the source of the upgrade on the applicable Expense Report
  • Cover the excess cost differential between the purchased ticket and the least expensive airfare within the main cabin class (economy, coach) that is consistent with business requirements
  • Attach documentation to the applicable Expense Report showing an airfare comparison from the UF GO online booking tool and/or the University’s authorized travel agent at the same time as the booking

If the airline automatically grants an air class upgrade based on traveler status (ex. Gold Elite), and there is no cost to the University, the traveler should provide documentation of no-cost upgrade during the expense reimbursement process.

Cost Comparison

Any trip that includes upgrades and/or personal travel will require a cost comparison to ensure that the University is not paying for costs unrelated to official UF business and mission. Any personal travel outside of the business location will not be reimbursed by the University, regardless of the number of personal days included.

University Travelers (or their delegates) should obtain a cost comparison through UF GO’s online booking tool and/or the University’s authorized travel agent, to ensure appropriate guidelines are followed.

Cost comparisons should:

  • Represent the cost of the most direct route to and from the business location for the days of business only
  • Not be a one-way ticket or limited to results from a single airline
  • Be obtained at the same time when airfare is purchased, or the travel request is completed
  • Show available flights and airlines generally with one stopover

If a cost comparison is not submitted, a comparison will be required at the time of reimbursement, which may result in the University Traveler repaying funds to UF.

Cash Advances
The University of Florida prefers to make direct payments for goods and services; however, Cash Advances may be provided to University Travelers to cover costs while on official UF business when it is not practical to use a University PCard, Voucher, or Air Card to pay for travel related expenses.

For example, a Cash Advance may be provided:

  • For an extended out-of-area stay or field site assignment
  • When travel requires stay in a remote location where banking/automatic teller (ATM) machines are not readily available
  • The University traveler may need to cover expenses for group travel

Cash Advances can be requested by employees or students who are authorized to travel on official UF business.

Cash Advances cannot be issued to reimburse expenses paid in advance of a trip (ex. employee chose to use personal credit card form of payment and would like to be reimbursed prior to trip completion). Cash Advance recipients and authorized supervisors acknowledge and agree to the business responsibility for monitoring and settling the advance when approving the Travel Request with a Cash Advance request.

Requesting a Cash Advance

Cash Advances should be requested through the Travel Request in UF GO. Travel Requests using sponsored program funding sources (201 and 209) will be routed to the Contracts & Grants office for additional approval. UF core offices may decline to issue a Cash Advance if a determination is made that it would not be in the best interest of the University.

Cash Advances can be requested at any time with a Travel Request and will be issued by the Travel Office 30 days prior to the travel start date. If the issuance of the Cash Advance is required more than 30 days prior to travel, a written justification will be included with the Travel Request.

Multiple Cash Advances may be allowed, with prior Travel Office approval, for different trips.

The use of Cash Advance funds may be subject to Federal, State, sponsor, and/or University policies/directives and audit. The approved Cash Advance recipient and supervisor are responsible for the proper disbursement of the funds, receipting, and record keeping according to sponsor and University requirements.

Settlement of a Cash Advance

A Cash Advance should be settled within 15 workdays from the trip end date. If the Cash Advance is not settled within 30 workdays, the University may garnish a traveler’s wages through payroll deduction. Cash Advances resulting in payroll garnishment will disqualify the traveler from future Cash Advances.

At the time of a Cash Advance settlement, the department associated with the Cash Advance assumes responsibility for any expenditure that is disallowed by the sponsor or in an event of employee termination without accounting for the Cash Advance.

Cash advances should be refunded immediately when an authorized trip is canceled or indefinitely postponed.