GBAS Program Components for Professional Learning

GBAS Program Components for Professional Learning

The GBAS professional learning program consists of multiple components designed to support business administrators with varying skill levels. These components cultivate:

  • Increased knowledge and application of recommended business practices
  • In-depth application of fiscal, HR, and other administrative policies to support the institution
  • Professional support processes for college- and department-level business administrators
  • Opportunities to enhanced professionalism and interpersonal skills and,
  • Collaborative problem-solving to improve and increase the consistency of business management practices and stewardship of UF funds.

The GBAS components include an online orientation for new business administrators, competency-based foundation courses (Pro3 Series), GBAS Institutes, GBAS Workshops, a Mentoring program, and Credentialing. To register for the online orientation for new business administrators, Pro3 Series, GBAS Institutes or the GBAS Workshops, visit myTraining

GBAS Orientation for New Business Administrators (BAs) – The goal of the GBAS Orientation online training is to provide newly hired business administrators with a broad overview of all the various business processes and practices they will need to understand in order to be successful in their new role. The orientation focuses on financial, human resources, and administrative environments. The orientation is intended to be completed within the first few weeks of employment for business administrators who are new to the role or new to the University of Florida.

Foundation Courses with Pro3 Series – The Pro3 courses provide in-depth training for business administrators to cultivate competencies in fiscal management, and human resources/payroll management. For more information, visit the Pro3 section on the HRS website.

Institutes – Designed to deeply explore and develop business administrator competencies, these bi-annual events are an excellent way for business administrators to network with their peers. The events are structured to provide peer-to-peer learning opportunities and hear from a variety of experts. Timely and relevant topics enhance concepts from the Orientation and Foundation courses as well as current challenges.

“Attending the GBAS events exposed me to a higher level of understanding of the UF vision. I saw how my work connected to the success of the University. Interacting with a networking of my peers created a positive feeling of competition and the desire to “up my game” to a new level. These events inspired me to get even better at my job.”  --- former Advisory Council Member

Workshops – An important part of the GBAS effort is to ensure business officers “stay current” by providing opportunities to build skills, problem solve with peers and share best practices. These opportunities support a culture of continuous learning and professional growth. GBAS workshops are typically 2-3 hour sessions and focus on group exploration, discussion and hands-on training of complex topics.

Mentoring – Selected participants are paired with a more experienced business administrator on campus. They work together for a year to broadening the mentee’s knowledge base at an institutional global level. Most mentor pairs find this to be a reciprocal relationship and an excellent way to increase the knowledge and skill base of both participants.

“Making contacts and knowing someone is there for you to ask advice and keep confidence is a huge resource for getting every part of my job done, especially the parts where I'm stumped.  With a mentor, you are never stumped!” --- Anonymous from Survey Data

GBAS Mentoring Program

GBAS Credential – The GBAS Credential is awarded to select participants who effectively use a variety of the components offered by the GBAS program to the benefit of their unit, department, and/or college. This GBAS Credential is available to exempt TEAMS employees in a business administration related role, who analyze, and/or make decisions regarding topics such as budgeting, forecasting, general financial, grants management, and HR/hiring. 

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