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View a 2019 Fiscal Year End Workshop PowerPoint

A 2019 Fiscal Year End Workshop presentation from Procurement Services and Finance & Accounting has been posted to the Presentations page.

UF Administrative Memo: Year-end information for 2019 fiscal year end closing

Year-end closing requires the coordinated efforts of the CFO Division and campus departments to ensure that all financial activities are accurately recorded.

UF Administrative Memo: Schedule of paydays and critical dates – FY 2019-2020

A schedule of paydays and critical dates for fiscal year 2019-2020 can be accessed on the Payroll and Tax Services – Finance and Accounting website.

UF Administrative Memo: Construction Project Funding and Execution Policy

To strengthen construction spending compliance at the University of Florida, a new process and new construction fund codes have been established. This new process will enhance the University’s ability to track allowable sources of revenues for construction related expenses.

Feedback from recent UFDocuSign survey

In spring 2018, UF made UFDocuSign — an electronic signature service that lets users securely sign and initial electronic documents instead of paper copies — available to all UF faculty and staff for free. Users shared feedback about UFDocuSign with us in a recent survey. Read more on the Business Process Improvement Office page.