Fiscal Onboarding pilot in full swing

In September, Finance & Accounting and UFHR Training & Organizational Development launched a Fiscal Onboarding pilot for all new fiscal hires at the University of Florida.

So far, more than 50 people have participated in the monthly sessions, which include a high-level overview of vital fiscal information and corresponding training course suggestions by Assistant Vice President and University Controller Alan West, as well as in-depth stations with subject matter experts in Treasury Management, Travel, Disbursements, Payroll, General Accounting, and Contracts and Grants. Additional subject areas will be added in the spring. During the four-hour session, attendees are able to pick up to two stations, or topic areas, that are the most relevant to their work.

“In addition to letting new fiscal hires know what’s really important for them to know in order to be successful in their role, the goal of these sessions is to build community,” said West. “Attendees get to meet their peers and the subject matter experts and know who to go to when they have questions.”

While Fiscal Onboarding is focused on new hires—especially those who are within their first three months at UF—people who have been at UF longer and have either changed into a fiscal role or need a refresher are welcome to attend a session. Those who are interested in learning more or attending a future session should email the Controller’s Office at

Published: October 22nd, 2019

Category: News