Registration open for GBAS Fall Institute 2019: Encore! Back by Popular Demand

Nov. 20, 2019, 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
Emerson Alumni Hall, President’s Ballroom
Parking instructions will be provided in November.

Opening Session

Jodi Gentry, Vice President, UF Human Resources

Please register for two sessions: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. You will automatically be added to the Opening and Closing Sessions.

Morning Sessions


Select one breakout session:

Building UF’s Budget

George Kolb and Julie Wang

UF has a multitude of funding sources that come together to create a university-wide budget. Come hear the story of how the UF budget is built annually, the considerations taken and decisions that are made in the budget process.

Award Management

Tiffany Schmidt and Terry Moore

The excitement of submitting and receiving a new Sponsored Programs award is just the first step. Our goal at UF is to spend sponsored project funds appropriately and monitor our expenditures to ensure that we are managing the awards correctly. We will discuss set-up, closeout and the important components of monitoring.

Using Emotional Intelligence for Crucial Conversations

Barb Mitola and Gwynn Cadwallader

What are your go-to emotions and how do you react at work when emotions are running high? Learn strategies and practice techniques for identifying and managing your emotions. We will practice the STATE your Path Tool, using scenarios to improve our communication and relationship skills.

Afternoon Sessions


Select one breakout session:

Navigating Travel at UF

Randy Staples and Brett Wallen

Business travel at the University of Florida can be very complex due to the overwhelming amount of rules and guidelines that must be followed. And some of these rules have changed recently.

This session is designed for managers who support the people doing the actual travel-related duties. This is not a “how-to” workshop but rather an in-depth review of travel-related issues, including what is allowed to be claimed in accordance with the UF Travel Directives. Time will be available for participants to share best practices.

All About Audits and Reviews

Alan West, Tiffany Schmidt, Arriel Raghoo and Joe Cannella

Join campus experts for a dynamic panel discussion on all types of UF audits and quality assurance reviews. How can your unit make the review or audit process as smooth as possible? What support services are offered before and after the process? Participants will have opportunities to discuss audit- and review-related issues, hear best practices and get advice from campus experts. Please bring your questions!


Becky Younglove

Imagine the incredible changes that could happen if you and your boss were on the same page. Explore components that create an ideal relationship between supervisors and their direct reports. Focus on ways to support and influence your boss, regardless of your “power” base, to achieve amazing results. Participants will practice applying the strategies to several “challenging boss” scenarios.

Closing Session

Core Office updates from Mike McKee, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and Alan West, Assistant Vice President and University Controller

Published: October 8th, 2019

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