Job Shadowing Program opens to entire CFO Division

Job Shadowing Program participants Jared VanAusdale and Doris Flores Siles

Finance and Accounting (F&A) is rolling out the second phase of its Job Shadowing Program, which matches F&A employees to peers within their departments, after a successful phase one last summer and fall. Phase two will open the program to the entire CFO Division, allowing participants to pursue cross-departmental job shadowing opportunities across F&A, Procurement Services and the Budget Office.

In spring 2018, the division announced the program to employees and rolled out the first phase. Participants were required to have at least one year of employment in F&A to be eligible.

During the first phase, employees were given the opportunity to shadow peers within Payroll & Tax Services, General Accounting/Financial Reporting, Treasury Management, University Bursar, Disbursement Services, Asset Management and Cost Analysis/Construction Accounting. A total of 42 employees — approximately 30 percent of the F&A Division — participated in phase one.

“The Job Shadowing Program provides opportunities for team members to engage in an ongoing process of collaborative professional development,” said Assistant Vice President and University Controller Alan West. “It allows team members to broaden their knowledge and understanding of various work units within the division, leading not only to professional development but also the opportunity to get fresh perspectives and new ideas.”

Accountant Doris Flores Siles, of Disbursements, shadowed Vendor Maintenance in May 2018 and then allowed three colleagues to shadow her, using a combination of firsthand experience and carefully crafted PowerPoint presentations to teach her colleagues about her work.

Flores Siles viewed the program as an opportunity to learn about other units within her department and to venture beyond her comfort zone.

“I am fairly new to UF,” she said. “I started two years ago in February and it is excellent to know what other departments do in contributing to UF’s goal of reaching the top five.”

Jared VanAusdale, of Vendor Maintenance, shadowed Flores Siles and learned about employee reimbursement auditing. From a customer-service perspective, VanAusdale says that the opportunity provided clarity about reimbursements and now enables him to assist clients more effectively and efficiently.

“The Job Shadowing Program has been very beneficial to me,” said VanAusdale. “I have a much better understanding of what Doris does and feel better equipped to answer questions that sometimes get mistakenly sent to Vendor Relations.”

Thirty-five CFO Division employees have applied to participate in the second phase of the program – which begins in February – including nearly every associate and assistant controller in F&A. Although the second phase promotes cross-departmental shadowing, employees can still pursue phase-one shadowing opportunities within their units.

“I can’t wait for the second phase; the more you know, the better you can serve the UF community,” said Flores Siles.

In the third phase, likely to occur in spring 2020, the CFO Division will open the program to the entire university. Interested departments across UF will be able to participate in this phase and CFO Division employees will be able to cultivate learning experiences outside of their departments.

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Story by Sarah Bartholemy, of UFHR Communications and WorkLife

Published: February 8th, 2019

Category: News