UF Administrative Memo: Construction Project Funding and Execution Policy

April 2, 2019


Curtis A. Reynolds, Vice President for Business Affairs
Michael V. McKee, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Construction Project Funding and Execution Policy

To strengthen construction spending compliance at the University of Florida, a new process and new construction fund codes have been established. This new process will enhance the University’s ability to track allowable sources of revenues for construction related expenses.

The guidance as reflected herein shall update and supplement the Administrative Memo from Vice President Curtis A. Reynolds dated January 7, 2014, titled “Internal Operating Procedures for Alteration/Renovation/Remodeling/Interior Design of Buildings & Infrastructure”.

All university departments, auxiliaries, and Direct Support Organizations are required to initiate construction project requests via the online “Project Tracker” service request portal on the UF Planning, Design & Construction website www.facilities.ufl.edu. This system must be utilized when requesting new construction, renovation, remodeling, utility infrastructure, interior design, space studies, and quick response services.  Subsequently, via the Project Tracker system, these requests are routed through the user department for proposed funding source(s) ChartField, then transmitted to Construction Accounting for validation and approval of the funding source prior to project execution.

It is important to reiterate the prohibition of individual college and department personnel from acting as contractors and/or purchasers for new construction, alterations, renovations, remodeling, interior design, and other construction related services, such as carpeting, painting, door replacements and security systems.  To reduce liability risk, manage compliance with standards and codes, and to assure conformance with statutorily mandated project limits, all work shall be managed through the UF Planning, Design, and Construction, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences and Housing Facilities offices. These measures will assist us in providing safe, healthy and high performance facilities for our students, faculty, staff, patients and visitors.

For any construction projects currently in progress utilizing State Education and General (E&G) Appropriations sources of revenues, departments will be notified if they have any outstanding purchase orders utilizing Fund Codes 101-109.  Once notified, Construction Accounting will process a budget transfer from the department’s ChartField string to a new construction fund code to cover the construction costs.  The department will then work with Construction Accounting on the identified encumbrances to complete change orders to correct the funding source to one of the new construction fund codes. Going forward, the account code 787000 – Construction Work in Progress will no longer be an allowable account for any University of Florida fund code except for the approved construction fund codes.

For project funding related inquiries, please feel free to contact Brenda Harrell, Assistant Controller, Construction Accounting at faca@ufl.edu or (352) 392-5778.

For project management related inquiries, please feel free to contact Carlos Dougnac, Assistant Vice President UF PDC, at (352) 273-4000.

Published: April 3rd, 2019

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