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  • Overview

    The Antifraud Framework outlines the:

    • Guiding principles and key structural elements to address fraud, waste, abuse, and financial mismanagement
    • Actions and processes to prevent and detect fraud within the University

    Framework Components of governance, prevention, detection, investigation and response, and monitoring.


    Framework Component Details

    The organization establishes and communicates a Framework that demonstrates the expectations of the Board of Trustees to all levels of University and its affiliates and their commitment to high integrity and ethical values regarding managing fraud risk.
    The University of Florida has designed and implemented proactive measures to help reduce the risk of fraud, waste, abuse, and financial mismanagement from occurring.
    Fraud detection and reporting are the responsibility of all university faculty, staff, affiliates, and volunteers. The University has a comprehensive system of internal controls to assist in detecting errors and irregularities.
    Investigation & Response
    Reactive measures designed to investigate, take corrective action, and remedy the harm caused by fraud.
    Selecting, developing, and performing ongoing evaluations to ascertain whether the principles of fraud risk management are functioning effectively, and deficiencies are communicated in a timely manner to parties responsible for taking corrective action.


    Internal Controls, Anti-Fraud, and Advisory Services: (352) 392-1321

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    Last reviewed on 03/20/2024