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    The Internal Control checklist was updated in spring 2021!

    The Internal Control Checklist is a tool for the campus community to help evaluate and strengthen internal controls, promote effective and efficient business practices, and improve compliance in a department or functional unit.  The checklist is not meant to be absolute but informative when reviewing controls in a given area. Even though many internal controls are a simple matter of common sense, taking the time to periodically use this checklist to review the control processes can be a valuable tool to step outside your daily work, review controls, and help document your due diligence.  Additional information about internal controls is available at the Office of Internal Audit website.

    Remember, we all play a part in the university’s internal control system!

    The new tool is designed for ease of use, an electronic completion option, tracking of responses by the department (if desired) and more targeted questions that are aligned with the components of internal control.  There are two options for completing the checklist:

    Option 1:

    Use the Internal Controls Checklist – Microsoft Forms link below to duplicate the checklist.  This will enable you to do any (or all!) of the following:

    1. Complete the checklist yourself and view the results
    2. Export to the results to an Excel workbook
    3. Share the checklist with others in your department or unit for them to complete, with you able to view the results

    Internal Controls Checklist – Microsoft Forms

    For assistance with using this option, please view the presentation below for a detailed walk through on using the Internal Controls Checklist in Microsoft Forms.

    Using the Internal Controls Checklist in Microsoft Forms


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    PRO303 – Internal Controls at UF


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