PCard / Air Card Program

When traveling on authorized UF business there are three payment options available. The UF Air Card, University of Florida Procurement Card (PCard) and Personal Funds.

First Time Users During Travel After Travel Tax Exempt Documents Benefits to Using Air Card/PCard Resources

Air Card

  • Available to all UF GO users and official UF guests
  • Considered a “ghost” card because no physical card is issued
  • Pays for airfare and related expenses (e.g., agent fees) booked through the UF GO booking tool or directly with World Travel Services, the University’s authorized travel agent
  • No single purchase limit
  • Central oversight of unused airfare tickets
  • Transactions are reconciled by assigning them to an Expense Report and submitting that Report


  • PCards are designed for UF staff, faculty, graduate assistants, and OPS employees who make purchases or travel for official University business
  • PCard purchases must have a clear business purpose and be permitted by the funding source
  • All PCard transactions are reconciled in UF GO under it’s appropriate Expense Report
  • To find more information about the PCard program, policies and procedures, and appropriate use review Alphabetical Index

First time Users

How to apply for a PCard
  1. Complete online training course PCards at UF: What Every PCard Holder Needs to Know (UGO500) 
  2. Complete PCard Application [link/more information]
Learning to Use Expense It (Upload Receipts)

During Travel

Examples of travel items cardholders can purchase
  • Airfare related charges such as baggage and internet fees
  • Lodging
    • Personal charges are unallowable on a PCard
    • Ensure hotel separates personal room charges (e.g., room service, mini-bar) from room bill.
  • Car rental and related expenses such as fuel and parking
    • Please note Gasoline on personal vehicles CANNOT be purchased on a PCard
  • Ground transportation (e.g., taxis, Uber, Lyft and trains)
  • Registration fees
  • Field supplies for remote fieldwork
Submitting receipts on the go
There are two options to submit receipts:

  • ExpenseIt – Available through the SAP Concur mobile app or by emailing receipts to receipts@expenseit.com, this “smart receipt” AI technology scans receipts for information to create itemizations and assign expense typesNote: If an email with an attachment is sent, only the attachment will be uploaded to UF GO. Accepted attachment formats include: PDF, JPG, HTML, TIF or TIFF.
  • Mobile App – Use ExpenseIt in the SAP Concur app to take pictures of receipts with your phone’s camera and upload them to “Available Expenses”

After Travel

Tax Exempt Documents

The University of Florida is not liable for payment of State of Florida sales tax. The University’s tax exemption number is imprinted on the PCard however some vendors may want to see a copy of the tax exemption certificate.

Benefit to Using Air Card/ PCard

UF billed and paid
  • Reduces monetary burden to the traveler
  • Provides tax-exempt status on the payment of in-state hotel/lodging taxes
  • Eliminates late payment fees and interest charges
Directly tied to cardholder’s UF GO account
  • Reduces data entry
  • Streamlines administrative processes such as multiple Expense Report creation
  • Helps the traveler and/or delegate track travel purchases
  • Transactions are reconciled upon completion of the Expense Report
Increased reporting functionality
  • Helps monitor transactions that are not reconciled
  • Helps manage the travel program
  • Leverages our buying power with vendors