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    What if, at some other points during the month, you want to retrieve data for the current month, or you would like quarterly or yearly data?  Prompted reports are available throughout the month – they provide current and prior period information at all times.  Information in these reports is in line with the warehouse nightly update.

    Prompted Monthly Reports

    Navigation for Prompted Monthly Financial Reports: Main Menu > Enterprise Analytics > Access Enterprise Analytics > (New Tab) Team Content > Monthly Financial Reports > Department Reports

    Within each folder are prompted reports – PDF report options are at the top of the page, Excel report options are at the bottom.

    1. Select the report you would like to run
    2. Enter the prompted data (which will depend on the selected report)
    3. The report will display in your selected output with the run date at the top of the report

    Additional Prompted Reports

    Enterprise Reporting has created several reports that are available for use by departments to provide the same data from myUFL as in the delivered or prompted Monthly Financial Reports with different date ranges or specifications.

    Navigation to this suite of reports: Main Menu > Enterprise Reporting > Access Reporting > (New Tab) > Public Folders > Shared Folders > Reporting Services > Suite

    Select Transaction Detail Reports (more available)

    1. Transaction Detail by Dept – Current Quarter to Date
    2. Transaction Detail by Dept – Current Fiscal Year
    3. Transaction Detail by Flex Code
    4. Transaction Detail by Project YTD – Payroll Excluded
    5. Transaction Detail by Award Number
    6. Transaction Detail by Dept by CALENDAR Year

    Select Payroll Reports (more available)

    1. Payroll Report by Project LTD
    2. Payroll Report by Department for Last Month
    3. Payroll Report by Project for Last Month

    Last Reviewed

    Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


    UF HR Toolkit – Enterprise Reporting

    UF HR Toolkit – Enterprise Analytics (Please note, as of Fall 2019 reporting services is in the process of migrating data for use in Enterprise Analytics.)


    University Controller’s Office: (352) 392-1321

    Reporting Services: reporting-services@ufl.edu