Reporting Services


The purpose of the Reporting Services is to provide reporting support to colleges and departments so units can effectively manage their business operations. Reporting is a critical tool in the administration of a unit because it helps with:

  • Planning and budgeting
  • Decision-making
  • Measurement of performance

What we do

  • Help administrative staff understand their data and reporting needs
  • Help staff build reports to meet their needs
  • Promote existing training classes and toolkits developed by UFHR Training & Organizational Development
  • Provide a place for feedback about existing reporting objects

What we are

Reporting Subject Matter Experts for:

  • Enterprise Reporting
    • Query Studio
    • Monthly Financial Reports (MFRs)
    • Prompted Reports
    • FIT Cubes
    • FI Reports
    • HR Reports
    • Student Financials
    • myInvestigator

What we are not

  • Trainers
  • Substitute for existing training materials

Target Audience

  • Administrative staff
  • Business administrators
  • Fiscal staff
  • HR staff
  • Research Administration staff (post-award)


A variety of instructor-led courses are available to aid the end user needing to create reports for his/her financial transactions, including: PST910 Reporting Basics, PST 117 Reporting: PowerPlay and PST912 Reporting: Query Studio. Learn more.

Reporting Subject Matter Experts

Frances Fiorello

Enterprise Reporting & Analytics, UFIT
(352) 273-1415

‌Bolin Fan

Reporting Developer/Analyst
Enterprise Reporting and Analytics, UFIT
(352) 273-1415

Adrian Ramos

Data Management Analyst
Office of the CFO
(352) 273-1415

For further information contact