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The University of Florida is excited to introduce UF GO, a new Travel and PCard system that will enable faculty and staff to upload, review, and report travel and PCard expenses on-the-go. Below, you will find resources for UF GO users and resources to prepare for launch on April 3rd, 2023.

UF GO User Resources

The resources below are a combination of video and instruction guides divided by user type. Additional resources can be found on the UF GO Toolkit page.

Users (Faculty and Staff)
These resources are for faculty and staff that travel, use their PCard, and/or are seeking a general reimbursement for UF business purposes.

  • Getting Started with UF GO (In-depth Demo Session)  –  Video | PDF
  • UF GO Look and Feel  –  Video | PDF
  • Setting up Your UF GO Profile (First-Time Login/Verify Email)  –  Video | PDF
  • Activate E-Receipts  –  Video | PDF
  • Download the Concur Mobile App  –  PDF
  • Learning to Use Expense It (Upload Receipts)  –  Tutorial | iOS | Android
  • Booking a Trip in UF GO  –  Video 
  • Manage Delegates  –  PDF

Please visit the UF GO Toolkit for additional resources. Click on UF GO Roles for more information.

Approvers (Supervisors, Financial Approvers and Delegate Approvers)
These resources are for faculty and staff who are direct supervisors of a traveler and/or who hold the responsibility of a Financial Approver or has been delegated the responsibility to approve travel, PCard and/or general reimbursements transactions in UF GO.

  • Approvals in UF GO  –  Video
  • Supervisor Approver for Travel Requests  –  PDF
  • Financial Approver for a Travel Report  –  PDF
  • Act as a Delegate Approver  –  Video | PDF      
  • Add Ad-Hoc Approver  –  PDF

Please visit the UF GO Toolkit for additional resources. Click on UF GO Roles for more information.

Delegates (Support Staff, Shared Services Center, Fiscal Assistants, etc.)
These resources are for administrative support staff, shared services center, fiscal assistants, etc. who assist standard users in the preparation of travel requests, expense reports (travel, PCard, and general reimbursements), and with travel arrangements.


  • Look & Feel, Profile Setup, Acting as a Delegate, Travel Request, Creating a Travel Report      Video  |  PDF
  • Booking Travel, Submitting a Travel Expense Report, Creating a PCard Expense Report          Video | PDF
  • Creating a General Reimbursement Expense Report, Guest Process                                               Video | PDF

How-To Videos

UF GO Look & Feel              PCard Expense Report                                    Dom. Travel Expense Report

UF GO Profile                        Intl. Travel Request                                          Guest Travel Request

Acting as a Delegate           Intl. Travel Expense Report                            Guest Travel Expense Report

Booking a Trip                      Dom. Travel Request with Cash Adv.            UF GO Approvals


Please visit the UF GO Toolkit for additional resources. Click on UF GO Roles for more information.

Getting Ready For Launch Resources

Announcements – High-level overview of the UF GO system

What is UF GO?                                      UF GO: Coming Soon Flyer 

Checklists – Helpful key steps to prepare for UF GO

College/Unit Checklist                          User Checklist

Powerpoint Presentation – General information PowerPoint that can help present to your college/unit

UF GO General PowerPoint

UF GO Toolkit

This training toolkit includes PDF guides created to reflect UF specific system configuration. Select a module to discover what materials are available for each module.

UF GO Questions?

If you have a question or feedback, we invite you to complete our feedback form. Be sure to select “UF GO System” from the “Need Assistance With” section of the form.

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